Why a Bright Start is Needed

Last year one of my older brothers was arrested and held in a Federal prison for drug charges. The entire ordeal is painful to talk about, my mom became depressed and it caused financial trouble. My brother is a good person, we share the same blood and upbringing provided by two incredible loving parents. I once discussed choices and opportunities with a Dallas judge in a sandwich shop. He said “everyone has a choice, I was poor, lived in a trailer home, but then I was able to get educated and now I can afford to put my parents in a nice home.” Not everyone has the same choices or opportunities, those are determined by your ethnicity and the area of the city you grow up.

The choices my brother made affected him for the rest of his life and unfortunately, the lack of opportunities for him began in high school. I can’t go back in time and provide my brother these STEAM experiences that would have changed his life but I can help families in the community who might otherwise go through similar struggles. The name Bright Start came about because I thought, If I can give my knowledge to our youth then it will change their future giving them a Bright Start.