Jobs in STEAM

At Bright Start Project we are all about teaching the youth to have fun with STEAM related activities. We feel it is our mission to help our children gain interest in these subjects because it helps create a better future for all. When kids boost their enthusiasm for STEAM, they’re setting up the building blocks that will eventually be the stepping stones of their bright futures.

This is especially important because there are many states in the US that are unable to keep their STEM related fields filled, and without people being interested in these jobs, the state ends up losing its full potential in state tax revenue. State taxes end up paying for imperative essentials, like roads, schools, and influential government funded programs for the community.

While this hints at the onset of a cycle of being unable to satisfy the STEM job field, Bright Start Project feels that it is our compassionate mission to help guide the youth into a reliable, and well founded, future.


You’re welcome to read more about Idaho‚Äôs journey into this position at the link placed below.

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