Make a difference in your community.

The youth in our community deserve a chance to become Thinkers, and now you can help make that happen. Below are the many ways you can make a difference through Bright Start Project for a brighter future!


At Bright Start Project we offer many fun and exciting programs for our Thinkers, but we don’t have the funding for all of the tools we need. We have created a wishlist of items we need for different projects our Thinkers will do through the year. When you make a donation you are providing the tools our thinkers need to build and create new fun projects. No matter the donation amount you’re providing the purchase of our Thinker’s tools whether it’s a screwdriver or a new camera. Every penny helps make a difference!


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You can provide the tools our Thinker’s need for success. We encourage parents and friends to help the students grow their knowledge by participating in fundraising programs in our community and help teach our Thinkers that anything is possible with hardwork.

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Make a difference in your community by sponsoring Bright Start. We have many events year round help, whether it’s sponsoring our next event or hosting our workshop at your business.

Help us shine bright by signing up your business as a sponsor today!


Looking for a Bright Start gear? We’ve got it! When you buy a T-Shirt or project, you are helping fund life changing opportunities for our Thinkers–from our workshops to our enrichment events.

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