Girl Innovators

Bright Start GI program welcomes elementary and middle school aged girls that enjoy learning and engaging in the STEAM fields.  The GI program provides innovative STEAM enriched lessons that focuses it’s curriculum in activities that will challenge, teach and build confidence in girls that want to pursue careers or become entrepreneurs in the STEAM fields.

Each lesson brings a different level of innovation. Girls will work individually or as a group in Art, Computer Building, Gaming, Coding, 3D Printing, Engineering, Digital Photography, Website Design, to begin with.

Why Join the Girl Innovators Program?

  • Girls in the Innovators programs will gain more confidence, develop critical thinking and practice creativity in the STEAM fields.
  • Girls that are apart of the GI program will refine skills learned in school which in turn builds confidence in test taking and school assignments.
  • With knowledge in the STEAM fields, girls will have greater opportunities for scholarships and grants when applying for college.
  • Joining the GI program will help girls become aware of real world situations and develop problem solving skills.
  • Being apart of the GI program creates leaders and innovative thinkers.

How GI Impacts the Community:

  • Girls that pursue STEAM fields have greater chances in acquiring careers that are commonly occupied by men.  By doing so, more employers will become versatile in their work places which will create more job opportunities for women.
  • With confidence and understanding in STEAM it will in turn help raise GPA averages and test scores in schools.