Building a Makerspace

Big news family, we are building a Makerspace! If you haven’t experienced one before there’s a few in the DFW area. It is a place where creativity ignites while people share ideas, equipment, and knowledge. For example, the University of Texas at Arlington has equipment like 3D printers, milling machines, a tool shop, and workstations, an amazing resource for students, but out of reach for our community.

Our youth need to experience this technology now, and in their local community to truly inspire the next generation of makers. With this in mind BSP is opening a makerspace!  After careful consideration we have chosen TylerStation, a central location that would increase access for the community thanks to its adjacent location to the DART rail system.

We will provide FREE workshops once a month, free take home kits, and developing an after school program. Bright Start Project aims to create a makerspace that is more than just a place that houses equipment. We are people focused and oriented. We care about our volunteers, facilitators, learners, collaborators, and sponsors.