Building a Computer From Scraps

Attendees will learn to build a computer from scraps!  They will also learn to troubleshoot common household electronic ex: TV’s, game consoles, cell phones etc…  We will assemble a computer and learn what components are needed to power it on. Attendees will gain the knowledge and skills required to identify types of components such as a motherboard, hard disk, memory, power supply, Input / Output devices, and how those components work in relation to the devices they are connected to. Students will walk away with the fundamentals of building a computer. Building a computer is fun, affordable, and empowering.

You’ll learn:

  • What each PC component does
  • IT Terminology
  • How to implement Scientific Method according to TEKS standards
  • How to assemble PC from start to finish with hands-on experience
  • Hardware
  • Four common issues if your PC doesn’t boot
  • How to access and use the BIOS

STEM & 21st Century Skills Development

  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Planning
  • Critical thinking

Our cross curriculum lessons include Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS) to help enrich student learning, and to work as a resource for educational establishments.