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Summer 2019 Recap!

It has been a busy Summer at Bright Start Project! From fundraising to DIY events, to team-building activities—we've done it all. Read more about the exciting happenings here.

Building a Makerspace

Big news family, we are building a Makerspace! If you haven’t experienced one before there’s a few in the DFW area. It is a place where creativity ignites while people share ideas, equipment,

Engineering – Build a Catapult

Having fun while you’re learning is the best way for children to retain information they’re studying. Here is a fun, easy, and cheap project to do with your kids that will help them get in

Jobs in STEAM

At Bright Start Project we are all about teaching the youth to have fun with STEAM related activities. We feel it is our mission to help our children gain interest in these subjects because it helps c

Why a Bright Start is Needed

Last year one of my older brothers was arrested and held in a Federal prison for drug charges. The entire ordeal is painful to talk about, my mom became depressed and it caused financial trouble. My b