Summer 2019 Recap!

It has been a busy Summer at Bright Start Project! From fundraising to DIY events, to team-building activities—we've done it all. Read more about the exciting happenings here.

Building a Makerspace

Big news family, we are building a Makerspace! If you haven’t experienced one before there’s a few in the DFW area. It is a place where creativity ignites while people share ideas, equipment,

Engineering – Build a Catapult

Having fun while you’re learning is the best way for children to retain information they’re studying. Here is a fun, easy, and cheap project to do with your kids that will help them get in

Why a Bright Start is Needed

Last year one of my older brothers was arrested and held in a Federal prison for drug charges. The entire ordeal is painful to talk about, my mom became depressed and it caused financial trouble. My b