• Bright Start Project Designer T-shirt
  • Monthly STEAM workshops
  • Weekly Tutoring
  • Monthly Open Lab Nights
  • Enhance technological literacy skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Engage in complex STEAM activities
  • Working along side STEAMĀ Professionals
Earned Tuition
Earned Tuition Plan requires a $100 initial enrollment fee. This fee will be made once a year and will cover all Perks. Under this plan students and parent will be required to participate in fundraising to help cover the costs of workshops and all other activities the Bright Start Project has to offer.
  • $100 Enrollment Fee
Out of Pocket
With the Out of Pocket Tuition Plan students are enrolled with an initial $100 fee and will continue to pay $60 at a month to month basis. Under this plan there will be no requirement of fundraising, yet gaining full access to all perk offered by the Bright Start Project.
  • $100 Enrollment Fee
  • Monthly $60 Payments